I'm a creative who specializes in content and product. My work spans artificial intelligence, health tech, design research, film and television. I was a 2017 STEM Media fellow with the National Science Foundation.


Machine of Human Dreams (Documentary, 2016)

"Artificial Intelligence maverick Ben Goertzel is trying to build the first thinking machine in Hong Kong. But, as he tries to overcome personal and technological hurdles, stories from his past cast doubt over the work that has consumed his life." Co-production UK-France-Israel. Premiered at Sheffield Doc/Fest, DOC NYC, CPH:DOX, DocAviv.

Real Value (TV documentary, 2014)

Paxton Greene Time Bank has enabled a South London community to transcend above money by offering a barter system that fits the 21st century. "Real Value" offers a glimpse into one such community out of hundreds that have popped up in the UK in the last 3 decades. Commissioned by The Community Channel, UK

Eye Lift (short, 2010)

Alice is an ambitious reporter who wants to move up in the world. She makes some bad decisions, though.

Digital Products


Developed at Cornell Tech, StoryCare aimed to mitigate the problem of low medication adherence, which costs the healthcare industry $40B per year. The product summarized drug instructions in an 8th grader's literacy level, and matched each part with an appropriate visual image. The stories generated by StoryCare showed a 20% increase in users' reading comprehension, and a 25% increase in how likely they were to adhere to the instructions.

StoryCare won the 2018 innovation award from the American Medical Informatics Association.

Backyard 360

Backyard 360 is a collaboration with AR designer Rainie Sun. The prototype we developed was aimed at telling the story of Elizabeth Yeampierre, a Brooklyn based lawyer who became an environmental activist after Hurricane Sandy. The augmented reality world takes the mobile user through Elizabeth's journey to becoming one of New York's most important environmental activists.

This is the link to our demo.

Open Politics

OpenPolitics is a Chrome extension that allows users to find out more information about their elected officials on any website. The product was aimed at making legislators' voting records more accessible within existing stories. The extension, which was engineered by Po Yen Tseng, sucessfully delivers information about American legislators' background and an assessment of how partisan their voting record is.

You can find a demo of Open Politics here.


Ursa began as a project for one of the biggest design companies in the world, which wanted to support their research team. Through interviews, we found out that design researchers were spending a lot of their time on transcribing and processing interactions with users manually. We built a product that allowed them to focus only on creative work in the field, savings approximately 50 hours per team weekly.